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Our Story

With over 15 years in the Label industry, LabelTec is always striving to be ahead of the game and find innovative solutions to all your label needs.

The relationships we hold with our wider community are a testament to the ongoing integrity and drive of our company.

We believe we are on the right path with our continued reflection into sustainability and how we can personally make an impact.

Our diverse team is brimming with knowledge in Labels, Label Products and Systems and are waiting to hear from you to bring you the solutions you need.

Our Shop 

After Spending 8 year in East Tamaki, we have moved to a new 600m2 pristine building in Westgate, Auckland. 

This building gives us the scope we need to grow and move into new label markets while continuing to invest in new technology to ensure we can provide the best label products.

Our Values

LabelTec Comany Values .png
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